With so many incredible technological innovations in recent years, nothing is unthinkable. Technology has provided us with incredible tools and services to make our lives easier. Discoveries in the scientific sector occur so often that it is difficult for many people to keep up with the rate of innovations. Read the reviews on different stores on US-reviews.

The myths behind these technological marvels are perhaps more amazing than the wonders themselves. Here are ten fascinating little-known facts about technology that we all use daily. If you’re a techie, you should be conscious of visiting big electronic stores in the US if needed and make better decisions after reading the feedback of people.

  1. The QWERTY keyboard was designed to slow down the typing speed. Typewriters had few technical problems with their early models. If the buttons were hit in rapid sequence or if a typist pressed analogous buttons at the same time, the metallic frames that hold the characters used to scramble and obstruct. Christopher Latham Sholes made several design changes to the standard keyboard to avoid the issue and have a better intuitive interface.
  • Water computers were used in industrial facilities research organizations and government establishments well into the 1970s. When digital computers became more efficient and simpler to use, the use of hydraulic channel partners declined.
  • Wikipedia is a huge database of crowd-sourced content that’s accessible on the internet. The fact that the digital encyclopedia is produced and updated by professionals is well known. Do you know that the Wikipedia pages are maintained by thousands of bots? Today, 2468 bot tasks have been authorized to perform routine maintenance on over 52 million English Wikipedia sites.
  • The incredible reality is that the first webpage is still accessible to you. It acts as a historical record for anything related to the World Wide Web that is accessible online. Check it out by clicking here.
  • Today, Apple has established a reputation for itself in everything they do. However, did you know that in 1986, Apple had a line of clothing? ‘The Apple Collection’ was the name of the collection. It’s hard to believe that Apple used to be in the fashion market. One year after Steve Jobs’ retirement, the company released its collection.
  • Before settling on Amazon, Jeff Bezos tried a few various names for his company. Cadabra Inc. was the first business name he recorded. After getting criticism that the name was too vague, the entrepreneur wanted to change it to something more distinctive. Until settling on the new version — amazon.com — Bezos advertised his website under a variety of different names.
  • Do you know that smoking near an Apple product will void the warranty? Apple has a policy that protects its professionals from working in a dangerous climate. Tobacco tars that have developed on the structures are thought to be toxic. As a result, Apple will refuse to service your product even though it is still under warranty if they think it has come into contact with passive smoking.
  • You could be surprised to learn that you can code entirely with whitespaces. Whitespace is the computer language. To write a program in this language, all you have to do is use spaces, tabs, and linefeeds. Non-whitespace characters are ignored by the translator.