How to Clean the Dusty Monitor

CRT tube model computer monitors are rarely used; people switch to using an LCD monitor, which is considered more energy-efficient and less radiation compared to tube type monitors.
The disadvantages of LCD monitors compared to CRT tube monitors are that they are expensive and have a shorter lifespan. So, this LCD monitor must be treated extra.
Do you have a computer with an LCD monitor? These tips can you make a guide to care for and clean the computer LCD monitor properly.

Clean the dusty monitor which can cause excessive heat

  • Use a screen-protector to protect the screen from being scratched. When you don’t use a computer, cover the LCD monitor, so it doesn’t get dusty. If the heat is excessive, the monitor will be more easily damaged.
  • Keep the LCD monitor with objects that contain magnets as this can damage the monitor screen.
    Place the monitor so that it is not directly exposed to the sun. All electronic devices are not suitable if exposed to PAAs because they can shorten their age.
  • When using the computer, do not cover the monitor vents behind it. This is to keep the monitor temperature, not too hot.
  • Keep the monitor from being bumped, scratched, let alone dropped. Because LCD monitors are susceptible.

Note How to Clean the Monitor Screen

  • When cleaning the monitor screen, try not to have electricity turned on. To be safe, unplug the power cord from the monitor.
  • You should also use a special liquid to clean the monitor. The trick, spray the liquid into the cloth first, then clean the monitor with the fabric.

Use a soft cloth

For this reason, it’s a good idea to use a microfiber cleaning cloth that might already be available in the sales package of your device. For monitor or television screens, use a soap and water solution, if needed.
First, clean the computer monitor or TV with a soft cloth. If you do not have this type of fabric, you can use a cloth commonly to clean the screen of your smartphone or tablet.

Use a little washing soap

If a dry cloth cannot remove the stain on the screen, use a small amount of dishwashing solution and warm water (try only a drop). Then wipe with a dry cloth.
Next, rinse the cloth with soapy water, squeeze it again, and clean the screen to remove soap residue. Finally, take a dry cloth and wipe the screen to remove minor scratches on the computer monitor or television screen.
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