Mac Drive Utilities

A quick search for Mac drive utilities will bring up a huge list of software programs and apps that enhance your computing experience on your Mac machine. The list runs the gamut from fun apps to work on your pictures and videos to workhorse programs that keep your machine running smoothly and efficiently. Review sites are extremely helpful when shopping for Mac applications since the input from other software users will give you some good insight as to what the program does and does not do, how easy it is to work with and what the real benefits are for the user.

There are applications that you might really want to own and use. These are the fun applications that a computer user might spend hours working with to enhance his or her photos, add to a music collection or edit family videos. There are basic applications for the casual home user, but more robust, feature-rich programs are available, specially designed for the professional or power user. These professional applications are more expensive and have features the casual user might not need or understand, so software review sites assist in effective purchasing.

There are applications that are downright useful, too. The basic functions of these applications are often included in the operating system. However, these advanced applications go beyond the basics to enhance the functions or give the user more precise control. Applications of this type include system tools, such as enhanced defragmentation and drive monitoring, and file management tools, like backup routines. The Time Machine backup routine, included in the Mac OS, is a good start and encourages the user to make the all-important file backups for data protection. Nevertheless, some users either want or require more precision over the process; therefore, a third-party application meets their needs more effectively.

Finally, there are the applications that we hope we never need. Nevertheless, programs that perform data recovery functions are important additions to any computer user’s arsenal of tools. Digital document and picture recovery software saves the user from data loss in the event of system crashes, accidental deletion and file corruption. The best data recovery software keeps the primary focus on data recovery, not drive or system repair. If the program runs as an application in the OS, it is important to install the software before any data loss occurs. If the user waits until the files are lost, the very act of installation could overwrite the missing files and render them permanently inaccessible.

Additionally, the software should include an emergency data recovery disk. This disk is inserted into the CD or DVD drive, and the machine is rebooted. The disk runs the computer without the operating system and allows data recovery from hard drives that will not mount or boot.