Using Test of Android Tablet

Using Test of Android Tablet

Tablet computer market has been a new market; recentlyAndroid tablet has been the most competitiveness product in this market. And it has been more and more popular with people. Though ipad has a rapid development, android gets a more rapid development with a differential competitiveness. Today we will take Dell Streak 10 Pro tablet as an example to test android tablet.


The map application of android is surely Google map. Because there is no inside Google map in the customized android tablet, users also can download and install Google map application.

Google map application has a perfect browsing experience, the interface is friendly and the function settings are easy and brief. You can see different maps of traditional???satellite???and mingle, you can also find out the layer of traffic condition and streetscape map. It is different to Google of ipad is that android Google map can be rotated with two fingers; the effect is just like the interface of Google earth.

Android streetscape map needs to install a single streetscape map application, you can find out streetscape map after installation. It has a more perfect experience than computer, the effect is so fabulous.

Google map of android not only has all the functions of ipad Google map, but also has a function of map lab. Its function is bigger; after all it is its own product.


One of the important applications of tablet computer is reading e-book. There are official iBooks and application stores in ipad, and its effect is good. But, in the application of e-book, there are so many good applications in android tablet such as Google Books and so on. They support different forms of e-book.

In the current, there is no uniform online store in android; most of the books in Google Books are English. In the buying field of paying read, both of them have no more try.

On the whole, in the electric medium reading, android tablet and ipad are neck and neck.

Video chatting

This kind of android tablet of Dell has back and front two cameras. The pixel in the front is 0.2 million and the back is 0.5 million. It supports video chatting.

Online video

Most of online videos are applications in ipad, also there are so many just the same online video application of Android tablet But the video which supports android pad is not as much as ipad. Most videos need to download in the official net. The main video applications of android tablet are as follows. It is different to ipad is that android tablet don’t support Flash. So even if you can see a large amount of videos which bases on Flash by using browser not application. In to point ipad can’t compare with android tablet.